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Morning, noon and night.

Founded in Southampton in 2019, a vision for a venue you could visit at any time of the day or night and enjoy the atmosphere, food & drinks. Whether it be coffee & brunch or a late night cocktail. With work underway on the second location along the coast in Brighton, there are plans for several more....

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don't take our word for it

Could not of been more helpful. We had an appointment and had 45 mins to eat and have a drink. They served us so quickly and what we had was excellent. We will definitely be coming back again. Thank you very much
- Ellen Smith -
I was amazed I was in Southampton with the level of food quality, haven't experienced that level since in switzerland in 2014 I hope to see more XOXO Round the country soon

- Laura Digby -
Very cool & sophisticated, a far cry from those around it, wouldn't be out of place in a trendy part of Paris or Milan! A varied well stocked bar with an strong cocktail menu! Great place to start (and end)
- Big Muz -